About Kim

I believe in the power of intention and love to bring healing.  Our bodies possess wisdom and inner resources that are pulsing every moment with the desire to move us toward health, wholeness and joy.  I utilize a variety of modalities to encourage release of the body's own healing abilities.

The path to healing and life change has many outcomes. We must practice trust and release into the unknown again and again.   No matter what state of healing we are in - regardless how broken or whole- we can seek to be present and lovingly awake to our own condition. My hope is always that we move forward together toward peace, empowerment, and curiosity, with a sense of deep purpose along the way.  

My studies, memberships and certifications include:  Certified Feng Shui Professional, CFSP (Feng Shui Designs), Reiki Certification (Usui Master Lisa Greene), Red Ribbon Professional and Member  (International Feng Shui Guild, IFSG), Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, Donna Eden EEM program in Energy Medicine, Social Work (Eastern Mennonite University), MFA (University of North Carolina- Greensboro), Member of the American Society of Dowsers.

I'm also an actor,  gardener, hiker, animal lover,  barefoot goer, lake swimmer, and artist who makes practical art  from repurposed and found objects.   

I am ever learning. Ever growing. Ever healing.    

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Email: Kim@ThriveFengShui.com