Special Sessions for Performers can include............

  • Energy Clearing and Feng Shui for dressing rooms, hotel rooms, artist housing etc.
  • 30 minute "Power Nap" Session - An Artistic Energy Re-Balancing Session between consecutive shows or in your dressing room before or after a show/rehearsal.
  • Guided Visualizations for Artists

Each Artist's work, schedule, and needs vary.  Contact Thrive and we'll create a session that fits your needs!
*Confidentiality and discretion guaranteed

For more information or to schedule an Artistic Energy session, contact us at:  917.397.0979 or Kim@ThriveFengShui.

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For Artists, Actors and Performers of all kinds............

Artists are constantly accessing emotions to generate performances and create works of expression. Emotions are energy and have power to change us. When we ask our bodies to deliver emotionally for a performance our energy systems do not always know the difference between pretend and reality. Works of art that require difficult emotional landscapes can sometimes send our energies out of balance.

Thrive offers special energy sessions for performers: energy work that helps rebalance your system. We utlilize guided visualizations that help you access the emotions needed to perform while simultaneously protecting your personal energy balance.

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