What is Feng Shui?  

Feng Shui literally means "wind" and "water." By following the concepts of nature  such as the flow of wind and water, we can assess the flow of energy in your space.  Feng Shui is a form of space healing that balances and generates strong, lifegiving energy.  When your home energy is balanced, you are supported and nurtured in your ability to thrive. 

Feng Shui addresses the tangible layout of your space such as the physical structures of walls and furniture placement. It also addresses your intentions and vision for your life. One informs the other, and both are guiding factors in creating a vibrant space that supports your life path. 

All consultations combine these two aspects of Feng Shui to create an environment that suits your needs.  We work together to imagine and articulate your hopes and goals for your space, while collaborating on home solutions that energize you.   

When is Feng Shui most beneficial?

All the time! It can be a lifestyle choice. Consultations give you tools you can continue to utilize for years to come.

Highly beneficial times to schedule a consultation are:

-When you feel "stuck" in your life.

-When you or a family member are dealing with death or illness.

-When you want change or are going through a life change (divorce, marriage, facing retirement, when reclaiming your home after children are grown, changing careers)

-When buying or selling a home or business (Feng Shui can be used to clear any residual energies or speed a sale).

- When building a home (Feng Shui can be used to assess floor plans and landscape elements of the building site to find the most beneficial location and layout).

-When designing a garden or outdoor space

-When you want upward mobility in your career.

-When you want to conceive or prepare for a child

-When you want to feel new life, abundance and vitality in your home.

-When there is depression or mental illness in the home.

Feng Shui Consultations:

Rates vary depending on size and location of your space.  Please contact me for a pricing.  

Typical consultations are 2 hours in duration, but will vary. 

Locations: Columbia County NY, Western MA, NYC, Philadelphia, Lancaster County PA. 

These on-site consultations include:

-Space cleansing or house blessing

-Intention setting for your home, office, business, or outdoor space. 

-A  walk-through of the space discussing recommended cures and enhancements to balance and direct the energy flow.  

-Instructions and examples of how to apply cures using the "Three Secret Reinforcements."

-Follow-up counsel is available via phone and email for up to 2 months after your session for questions that might arise as you implement suggested changes to your space.

Long Distance Consultations are also available if you are able to email or mail drawings of your space.  Virtual walk-throughs via skype are also an option.