"When I invited Kim to our home to make a feng shui assessment I didn't know what to expect.  I was intrigued, and eager for attention and new energy to be given to the home I had lived in for almost 30 years.  I was also nervous about showing someone all the blemishes and cracks and neglected corners of the house.  

Kim was relaxed and calm;  her humor and sincere respect for us alleviated my anxiety and encouraged me to be honest, open and even daring with my thoughts and responses.  Kim's passion for this work was infectious. I felt she was as committed as I was in making our home buzz with energy and also offer a safe haven.  As she made suggestions for moving furniture, or hanging pictures, my husband and I made some of the changes immediately.  Kim was delighted and supportive; her expertise was evident. She also allowed us our space to make decisions that worked for us.

That night we changed our bedroom from one room to another.   I now am eager to spend time in my bedroom and love the welcoming space - space that Kim recognized immediately for its potential.

Equally as powerful for me was having Kim come to my office space.  She led a friend and I in an office blessing ritual, and we infused my place of work with hope and grounding.  That next week my boss held a very important meeting that was positive and full of vision and hopeful energy.  This was new, and I credit the grounding Kim initiated through our entire office complex.  In this meeting I was given great responsibility and I felt calm, and prepared to meet the demands."

-Tina B., Philadelphia PA


"I've known Kim for a few years now, and am blessed to have witnessed her natural gifts as a healer, caretaker, and guide.  I recently had the pleasure of inviting Kim to my home for a Feng Shui consultation.  As first time home buyers, there was a lot of stress surrounding the purchase of our New York apartment.  Not only that, but the small space made us anxious, having moved from a larger home.  

Kim came over, and led a joyous space clearing as well as a blessing of the space that made a world of difference, infusing our new home with positive energy.  She then guided me in giving clear intention to the space, and gave me an idea of how to make the tight quarters work energetically for my family.  Her demeanor was open, warm, and accepting, making me feel completely at ease discussing personal issues that came up.  I am so thankful to Kim for her knowledge and gentle spirit.  The results of our brief consultation were astounding.  I love my home, and I love being more in tune with the energetic balance of my environment."

-Amber,  Brooklyn NY